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General details and description of services for airports and aircraft operators.

Flight Tech Engineering primarily serves projects involving instrument flight procedures, although our experience in this subject allows us the knowledge and experience to assist on any project or question involving flight operations. While we can work directly with airports and  operators, in many cases we also work with a larger engineering firm as a sub contractor.

Here are some of the services we can perform:IMG_5602.JPG

  • Assist Engineering or Airport entities with construction design considerations by providing a complete Airspace and Flight Operations Assessment.
    • Runway and Airspace Assessment
    • Geospatial Deconfliction Assessment
    • Historical Environmental Assessment
    • Construction Phasing Options
    • Operator Impact Assessment
  • Aeronautical & FAA Database Review and Updates
  • NOTAM Coordination & Review.

  • Obstacle Deconfliction including updating Low Close-In obstacles caused by construction equipment or runway threshold relocation.

  • Development, update, and delivery of Stakeholder/Operator Informational Slide Decks at the desired update frequency highlighting the latest construction phasing updates, aeronautical updates, and approach restrictions.

  • Development of  Diagrams, Maps, and Visuals for flight operations project components.

  • Runway, Approach and Departure  impact and availability tables.

  • OE/AAA and NOTAM watch during construction periods

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