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Founded in 2014, Flight Tech Engineering originally began providing flight operations engineering support for airport rehabilitation projects ranging from large international airports to small regional airports. Realizing the need for Instrument Procedure Design as a necessary component to our airport consulting services, we also began developing FAA approved instrument flight procedures.

Flight Tech brings together a team of talented Aircraft Performance & Flight Management System (FMS) Engineers and Instrument Flight Procedure Designers who have helped solved airport and aircraft logistics and challenges .  As an FAA authorized third party procedure developer we can take the approach designs from concept to implementation. We are also one of the few IFP providers that handle conventional (ground-based) procedure design. We utilize the same software as the FAA, USAF, and NGA procedure designers for our assessments which allows us to quickly and accurately model and implement new flight procedures.

Unique to Flight Tech is our experience in specialized procedure design for challenging mountain airport environments and complex runway rehabilitation projects. We have built and actively maintain Localizer & Satellite-based approach procedures for public airport operators , and are directly involved with airspace redesign and runway improvement projects at many regional and international airports.

Flight Tech maintains a close relationships with the FAA, air carrier engineering teams, and aircraft operators ensuring new procedures can be effectively flown by the current and upcoming aircraft fleet mix. At the operator level we have participated in design and feedback sessions as well as simulator validation events for challenging projects. We also  assist operators in the instrument procedure application and onboarding process. In order to provide airports with seamless and convenient service, Flight Tech partners with an electrical engineering firm that specializes in navaid and airport lighting installations to ensure new navaid siting proposals are viable.

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